Warmly congratulate the Xinshan group successfully for the first time among the "China's top 50 enterprises of building curtain

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Xinshan group participated in "Chinese curtain wall industry 50 strong enterprises" 2012 annual selection activities, the selection is the comprehensive review ofthe curtain wall enterprises, high authority, professional and strong, is an influential industry review. If can be selected, the enterprises to improve visibility, reputation, credibility is important.        

In October 10, 2013, "2012 annual China building curtain wall industry 50 strong enterprises" selection results in the "curtain wall engineering network" on the publicity, Xinshan curtain wall participating first success among the list of "China curtain wall industry top 50 enterprises", hereby, congratulations! To obtain this honor, not only is highly recognized by our group curtain professional design and construction ability, also marks the company in the curtain wall engineering management, to achieve a qualitative leap, has very important significance to improve the company competitive in the curtain wall market. 

The next group will take this as a new starting point, contrast the curtain wall industry benchmarking enterprises find gaps, learn from their successful experience, make persistent efforts, to catch up, to make a greater contribution to the industry and society.