Qingdao Xin Shan curtain wall won 1 Luban prize for China Construction Project in 2014~2015.

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According to the official announcement of the official website of the China Architectural Association in November 8th, 1 projects in 2014 - 2015 were awarded the Luban prize for China's construction project (national quality project). At the same time, 1 projects and 1 innovative achievements were included in the 2015 annual national architectural decoration industry science and technology demonstration project and scientific and technological innovation results announced by the China Architectural Decoration Association.

The name of the annual award-winning project:

Mai island residential renovation project F district two bid (Luban prize)

Curtain wall engineering (Science and technology demonstration project) of block 8 of Ji'nan Olympic Sports Center East Side

Application of precession back bolt for stone dry hanging (technological innovation achievement)

The "Luban prize" of China construction project is the highest honor for the quality of Construction Engineering in China. It is recommended by various regions or industries. The relevant experts of the China Construction Industry Association have identified, evaluated and publicized the relevant experts in the field. As the highest honor award for the construction quality of China's construction industry, the Luban prize has been widely recognized and recognized by the society. It has become a recognized symbol of the quality brand and the reputation of the enterprise.

The national decoration industry science and technology demonstration project and the scientific and technological innovation achievement are the Chinese architectural decoration association to strengthen the new consciousness of science and technology, improve the new ability of science and technology, and further accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into the productive forces, and also to promote the innovation spirit of new technology, new technology, new material and new equipment to the building decoration enterprises. Yes.