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Window and door system


Window and door system

Window And Door Svstem
Aluk System highlights the design and production integrity of the whole, it doesn't pursue a single technical figure,but consider the overall cost performance
The series products can meet different construction facades, different technical performance and different price market requirements
The series products enjoy superb physical performances including anti-wind, air penetration, waterproof, heat preservation, sound insulation, light and ventilation Standardized matching among hardware, insulation gaskets, assorted fittings, profiles and glass. Different configuration of profiles and the fittings can realize different opening methods
Using less interchangeable parts such as profiles, fittings and gaskets etc to satisfy the whole system processing assembling and installation requirements
The production procedures, Installation and production equipments are standardized and systematized
Detailed technical document supports in the profile production, window and door processing, fitting assembly,door, window and curtain wall products installation etc


Thermal Break
Thermal break is realized by connecting two aluminum tubular semi-profiles, with the insertion of insulated Polyamide(PA)strips By mechanical rolling, the two knurled aluminum profiles are wedged to the insulated PA strips guaranteeing the maximum strength and an excellent structural stability. The insulated PA material divides the internal frame from the external part avoiding any heat dispersion which occurs due to aluminum conductibility Thanks to this particular application both thermal land acoustic insulation is improved and above all, the phenomenon of condensation is highly reduced

Casement inward opening window
Components are made by first choice materials submitted to regularly controls during the production process. A high level external finishing of the profiles can be obtained either by means of the best anodic treatment of electro-colorization or by hot powder coating. The large use of stainless steel materials provides a high durability in the longer term. A complete range of own made fittings and accessories is designed and manufactured to be used exclusively with sections. Handle bolts and closing devices are made of ZAMA a special alloy of aluminum and zinc, all hinges are fabricated in extruded aluminum sections, clamping pins, screws and nuts are supplied in stainless steel. A very wide option of patented designed EPDM gaskets, not alterable under any different climatic condition, completes the System The high quality level of Systems and the certified performances can be achieved only by the application of original elements altogether