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Curtain wall system


Curtain wall system

Double skin photovoltaic curtai wall
Thermal and sound insulation ofhigh level ensures the inner circumstance
Perfect combination technology between curtain wall and solar energy, ensures environment pre otection and energy saving
Coordinated with air-conditionersystem for ventilation to ensure return energy
Pin blinds explain the enough su nshine indoors
Unitized structure explains the short schedule, safety and speed



Unitized glass curtain wall
Rain screen principle with multi-chamber structure ensures water and air permeability of high level
Buckle structure is reliable and easy for maintenance
Three way adiustment with high levelaccommodation
Prefabricated units with high quality Speedy installation explains short schedule and protection of finished products




Point-fixing single cable curtain wall
Single cable or twin cable type available O Three kinds of cable system
The point-fixing single cable glass curtain wall bearing struc ture is the interconnected tightwires fixed on the curtain wall frame Forces on glass are transferred to the tight block dev through fastener or clipping parts and then to the tightwires, and wires are deformed and produce horizontal orces components to keep the structure balance
Low cost, high security, slim structure and maximum transpa arency



Terracotta Curtain Wall System
Terracotta board is a new type environm lent-friendly decoration material,and it is composed of natural clay, and s kilnfired in high temperature stove bearing unique surface self-clear ing function, and can avoid the stone decoration materials contaminati In and chromatic aberration there are many colours available which can provide great leeway for designers. The terracotta curtain wall s 'stem can combine with different curtain wall system, which Will show a good decoration result Its characters are including
Terracotta tile is environment friend ly, on color variation in finish and self-clean
No sealant pollution because of dry fixing, quick and easy to fix a Concealed fixing brackets efficientl support wind load and acoustics reduction